Saturday, 20 September 2014

University life

So this year is my first year of university and I'm shocked by how much this changes my reading,blogging and vlogging habits. I'm so used to having a decent amount of time on my hands and now it seems like that time has flown away. I'm trying my best to read, write my book, do homework,stay in shape, work to pay off student fees and not be anti social but it's taking me an honest to goodness schedule to be able to do all these things.

             So why am I telling you this? Well it's because I'm planning on trying to post more often on the blog. I'm working out a schedule and hopefully I will post twice a week. One for the starting the week write post that will be coming back and two a review of a book and or something about writing. So now you know and if you have been reading my blog or asking yourself why has she not been posting? The answer is I wasn't managing my time well and now hopefully I will.


The second part of this post is about books for people aged18 and up. I find there so hard to find. Yes there is YA and adult books but how often do you find a book with a protagonist of 18 or mid twentys. The answer rarely. Ya seems to be centered around younger teens and adult books seem to be centered around older people like mid thirthies. So where's the middle? That's my question. I want to make it clear that I think anyone can read any types of books if you read YA and your 50 good for you I have no problem with that. But the 18 to 20's years are years that have a lot of change, it's the transition into adult hood and I would like to have some books that touch that subject. That follow someone going through similar things to me right now.

 I've been not too satisfied with some of the YA books I've read lately. Don't get me wrong I still love them and I'm still a YA reader all the way but I felt like I needed to try something different just for a little while. So I went in search of the mystical hard to find books that I've been talking about and what do I find... not much. There's some out there not much but some maybe one of two that are not contemporary (so not much variety). Then there's many articles like this one from other bloggers looking for the same thing. There's also a decent amount of self published books with the criteria of older protagonist in between 18 and mid 20's. The last option there is if your not into self published books(which are hard to get and usually only on amazon and usually only for e-readers which I personally can't stand) is NA books New adult but the problem with these books is that they seem to be mostly centered around sex. They seem to be centered around physical attraction and less on storys. Now I've never read any NA books but I've read some synopsis's and that's what they seem like. Romance is good I love a good romance but I want a book that more than that and touches on more subjects and maybe different genres than contemporary.

So basically all this to say it would be nice to have more largely available books with protagonist's over the age of 17 but not as old as 35 something in the middle. Like Goldilocks not too hot and not too cold.

Do you reading this right now know of some books with the criteria I've been blabbing about? If s please do comment because I would love to know.

I'm currently reading the Morganville vampire series. The main charterer is 16 but she is also in college. I read it a while back loved it and so I'm reading it again. Up to know it's really good and most characters are 18 and up.Which is a nice change.

So to sum all this up. I still love YA but want to know where are these mystical books. Why are they not a thing? And if anyone is felling the way I'm felling. 

Thanks for reading


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